Stretching & Injuries


After all forms of fitness training and snowboarding I will stretch. I have my own routine where I use a foam roller to remove all the tight muscle build up, removing lactic acid and muscle soreness. If I’m competing on consecutive days this is vital, so I’m not hurting/struggling the next day and my muscles can peform at their best. As well as stretching the food I eat after fitness training and snowboarding is important too for recovery and energy, see food and drink.


An often overlooked factor for being fit and strong is that it makes you less susceptible to injuries, as the muscles protect the bones and soft tissue, such as ligaments, cartridge and tendons. Snowboardcross is dangerous, crashes can result in big impacts, twists, bruising, winding, breaking and having your body to protect you ontop of your helmet and pads will help to no ends.

From experience over the years I’ve learnt how to fall over properly and so far I’ve been quite fortunate with no real major injuries. Fingers crossed this continues!

However when I do get minor injuries I visit the Sports Active Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre at Heriot-Watt University. I’ve made use of the Sports Physios and Podiatrists before when I’ve been injured or in need of help and they are some of the best in the country. They’ve made sure I’ve made a quick full recovery and back to action from all the sprains, tweaks and twists I’ve seen them about.