The Brits

The Brits is the national championships for the GB Team and naturally we’re obliged to attend to determine who are the UK’s top riders both in Snowboardcross and the freestyle events. It’s a good chance to catch up with the UK ski and snowboard community, a chance catch up with sponsors and meet potential new ones, see how rider’s seasons have gone and most importantly how they’ve progressed!

Snowboardcross used to be the most popular of the competitions at The Brits as it was fun and not taken too seriously, although people’s competitiveness would clearly emerge and they were no longer so laid back and freestyle focused. It was often a highlight of the week, both for laughs, spectating and for competing. It’s unfortunately dwindled in the last few years, which is a shame and the Brits has become a lot more freestyle orientated.

However the GB SBX Team will continue to compete and participate at the Brits, by doing this we will help push participation rates and inspire the younger generations, which I think is very important. The coaches will keep an eye out for upcoming talent and even hold Selections at the event for the following years team.

Not only this it’s a great opportunity for all members of the team to race in heats and gain experience,  where often it is difficult to do so on the FIS Circuit. Above all the event will determine who is the top racer on the day. Last year we cleaned up with a 1st-7th finish in the Men’s and wins in the Ladies.

After 10 years of being based in Laax in Switzerland, this year The Brits will be based in Tignes, which is bound to help push the championships even further given it hosts the X-Games Europe, it’ll hopefully improve snowboardcross’ fortunes

See last years race below and check out The Brits Website.