Motivational Speaking at Langley School

Yesterday, 6 years after leaving, I did a motivational speech at my old school, Langley School.

After having this article below published in the summer edition of the School’s bi-annual Icenian Magazine about my success with snowboarding since finishing my A-Levels at Langley, I followed it up with a talk to the school’s Year 12’s students (aged 16-17).

Icenian Page Summer edition 2013

The main objective was to tell them my story of how I came to be a champion Snowboardross athlete and the challenges I faced along the way. Seeking and accepting support were key to where I am today, as well as taking and making opportunities. Joining the GB Snowboardross Team, being a committee member at Heriot-Watt University Snowsports Club, finding myself work experience and even doing a talk like this was optional, but I went ahead and did it.

All however wouldn’t have been possible without learning how to get better at time management and organising myself better. But I’ve had the time of my life because of it!

I’ve travelled all over the world competing, become a champion in my sport, got a good degree at Heriot-Watt university and picked up lots of work experience along the way. I have a bright future ahead of me whatever I chose to do because of the life skills I have picked up to get here.

You’ll be amazed with how much you can fit in with your time!

  • My introduction! My introduction!
  • Showing the students what Snowboardcross is Showing the students what Snowboardcross is
  • The importance of time management The importance of time management
  • I talked to approximately 40 students from year 12 I talked to approximately 40 students from year 12

It was my first motivational speaking appearance about my snowboarding and after lots of preparation and practicing it went well! I enjoyed the talk and even got a bottle of wine for my troubles! Hopefully I inspired at least one of the kids to go out there and follow there passion. My job will be done if so! 🙂

Thanks to Langley School for supporting me whilst I was at school; letting me take time off to go snowboarding with the McNab Junior Team and win the Brits all those years ago! I Might well not have been so successful if so, so it was a pleasure to talk to the young students about how I got to where I am.