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I recently provided an interview to Skitracer, the travel agent. Please check it out below and on their website too.

Kyle-Blog-Top-PhotoLast week our Holiday Hero Tom had the pleasure of meeting one of Britain’s hopefuls in Snowboard Cross – Kyle Wise, currently training for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea as part of Team GB. The 25 year from Norfolk has had a busy few seasons in previous years competing at the World Cup’s Snowboard Championships and the World University Games for the British Snowboard Cross Team.

Check out his interview below…

So Kyle, firstly can you please explain the discipline of snowboard cross in 10 words?
Four+ snowboarders racing a track with jumps, bumps and turns.

How did you first get into snowboarding and competing in snowboard cross?
I learnt to ski when I was three, and when I was eight we went to America skiing for the first time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I decided to try snowboarding the first week and would go back to skiing the second week. I took to it really quickly and decided I liked snowboarding more, and I’ve not skied ever since! I’d ride at my local dry slope at Norfolk Snowsports Club once or twice a week from when I was about 13 and started entering freestyle competitions including my first snowboard cross competition in 2005 at the Orange AIM Series in Milton Keynes which I won (the youth competition).


What’s your favourite ski resort and why?
Blackcomb, in British Columbia, Canada. It is Whistler Mountain’s quieter neighbour and during my season I spent probably twice as many days here as I did on Whistler. It has amazing natural terrain, both for riding off-piste and on piste. The terrain parks are really good, covering all levels from beginner to pro, they also had the half-pipe and snowboard cross track, it had everything I could want.

Do you have any Heroes?
I admire some sportsmen who make their sport a lot more interesting, often because they bring some much needed charisma to the sport. Usain Bolt is amazing; he’s made athletics a lot more interesting, it’s rare someone deserves to be so arrogant, he’s unique. I’m really into F1 too and I’ve been rooting for Lewis Hamilton recently. He’s such a talented racer and speaks his mind. My favourite snowboarder is Scott Stevens, he has a unique style and does creative tricks no one else does or even thinks of doing. So its characters like that I admire I guess, the ones that stick out from the crowd.

So there you have it, another incredibly talented young snowboarder taking the sport to the next level. Thanks Kyle! We look forward to catching up with you again later in the season.

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Kyle is sponsored and supported by: Skiers Trust of Great Britain, Volkl Snowboards, Heriot-Watt University, Snowfit, my Travel Cash, DataWax and Surefoot.